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You need your member ID number to register. It's on the member ID card we mail shortly after you enroll in a plan. You can also find it on your premium invoice (if you have a plan that requires a direct premium payment.) If you need help, contact us.

Your member ID card is mailed shortly after you enroll. It has your member ID number. If you buy your own insurance, look at your premium bill. It also has your member ID number.

Before your plan starts, you can pay a premium bill, look up doctors in our network and find the drug list (it’s also called a “formulary”) for your health plan. After your plan starts, you will see any claims, track your health care spending, look up what your plan covers, and more.

We are committed to ensuring the safety and security of our members' personal health information.

Each person on a plan needs to register separately. Parents can register for children under age 18. A covered spouse or dependent can give the subscriber access to their information, if they choose.